17th March 2023
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February 2023

02nd February, 2023
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January 2023

06th January 2023
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December 2022

1st December, 2022
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November 2022

RBI's take on CBDCs and offline aggregators, SEBI's The Big Short moment, Credit cards on UPI and more!
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November 2021

RBI's views on bank-fintech partnerships, new scale-based regulatory framework for NBFCs, SEBI closing the digital gold window for RIAs, and more...

July 2021

RBI's proposed working group on fintech intermediary regulation, key highlights from the SEBI Board Meeting, and more

June 2021

RBI's increased scrutiny of new Mauritius and Cayman investments into PSOs, new KYC rules, draft offline Aadhaar regulations, and more...

April 2021

All about the RBI's latest quarterly statement and what it could mean for digital payments players

March 2021

Recurring payments on card to be disrupted from April 1, NPCI releases guidelines for UPI apps around 30% market cap, GST-registered entities to include…
The lowdown on all we've heard on crypto regulation in India, TRAI's SMS regulations, and more...
Cayman flagged by the FATF, RBI issues comprehensive digital payment security rules, four consortiums apply for NUE licenses and more...